Can I be a Site Coordinator for more than one site?

Can I be a Site Coordinator for more than one site?

Yes, you can be the Site Coordinator for more than one location/site.
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    • My clinic has more than one site, can I order for multiple locations at once?

      Yes, you may order for more than one location/site, but all orders involving different delivery addresses will need to be done separately. You may order for multiple sites on one order form if all the boxes are shipping to the same address.
    • What does my practice need to do before we can order kits?

      At least one medical provider at your practice must complete the provider training before you can order kits. The provider training consists of a 15-minute video and a short survey.
    • What is the size of each box?

      Each box with 25 DUPLO ducks in it is 15.7 x 9.9 x 8.8 inches and weighs 3.8 pounds. Orders have to be in multiples of 10 and all 10 boxes will ship in a bigger box (e.g. anyone who orders 10 will receive one big box, 20 will get 2 boxes etc).
    • How do I determine the amount of supplies that I need?

      When trying to calculate the amount of supplies to order, please consider the following: The number of medical providers at your clinic site who are participating in the P4P program. The approximate number of well child visits (18-36 months of age) ...